Winter Project - Vinyl Wrap Your Bike - Part 1

Vinyl wrap your bike for a fresh new look!

Winter Project:  Vinyl wrap your motorcycle

Part 1- Why wrap your bike?

With winter setting in for many of us, our bikes are parked and while we may be longing for a ride, we can still spend time with them. Our bikes are so much more than a machine. They are an extension and expression of our personalities with plenty of emotion attached.

So maybe this winter you want to spend some time making your motorcycle really stand out and express your personality. Then you'll be ready to make a statement when nice riding weather returns.  There are some obvious ways to do this.

One way to do this is by applying a fresh coat of paint with some custom detailing. But that can be easier said than done. It can be expensive and can end up costing nearly as much as, or in some cases more, than the current value of your bike. Spending a boatload of cash on your bike’s look might not be good for your wallet.

The good news is that repainting isn't the only option. Vinyl wraps offer a practical option for those looking to give their motorcycles a reasonably priced visual upgrade and custom look.  With vinyl, the color and design options are numerous and typically have a lot more visual impact than standard paint jobs.

What are vinyl wraps?

Vinyl wraps have been around for some time.  For modern cars and other vehicles, the trend started in the 1990s in Germany.  All taxis had to be beige in color.  As noted, painting is expensive.  So vinyl wraps became a popular way for taxi drivers to save money and to maintain the original color of the car for when it came time to sell it.  Wraps subsequently became available in a range of colors and also with custom digital designs. Eventually folks started wrapping motorcycles as well.

In terms of the essentials, the most basic component is the vinyl itself. One side of the wrap is coated with a special adhesive. Other chemicals and colorants are added to give it flexibility and the desired finish. All of this is formulated so that it is easy to apply, usually with a combination of pressure and heat, while being durable enough to stand up to the elements and the demands of riding a motorcycle.

Why use vinyl wraps?

For the Do-It-Yourselfer, repainting a motorcycle can be a daunting challenge.  Considerable specialty equipment is required which can be costly.  Even then, the results can end up looking cheap and unimpressive. A lot of skill is required which the amateur just doesn’t possess.  In the end, the only surefire way for most folks is to hire a professional, adding to the cost.

Additionally, if you DIY your paint job and end up making a mistake, it can take a lot of work to correct it. It can all seem like too much work especially if you are only looking to cover up blemishes or make a few aesthetic modifications. Vinyl wraps are the perfect alternative. They are easy to apply, they are cost-effective, and they are easy to remove. This makes them quite forgiving. You can simply start again if you make a mistake. They are reasonably durable, and they give you the opportunity to change the looks of your motorcycle on a regular basis without breaking your bank.

              Before wrapping                                  After wrapping

Misconceptions about vinyl wraps for motorcycles

Some folks have a few misconceptions about vinyl wraps for motorcycles.

  • Wrapping is too difficult. With planning, preparation and patience, any accomplished DIYer can handle the job.  A tip: it REALLY helps to have a friend lend you a hand especially on the larger pieces!
  • Wraps are too expensive. Good quality wraps are readily available at a reasonable price. Also, in comparison to a car or a truck, a motorcycle doesn’t require a lot of vinyl.
  • Vinyl wrap will ruin my paint job when I remove it. The adhesive is designed to be removed.  Just apply a little heat and it will come off relatively easily.  And wrapping your bike is a good way to protect your original paint.
  • Certain wraps (like chrome) are illegal. Local ordinances vary, but in most cases, there are no limitations on the types of wrap you can use.

Selecting a wrap for your motorcycle

This is where the fun begins. Nearly every imaginable color, finish, and texture is available. Everything from a carbon fiber to a color-shifting finishes are options. But, the looks aren't where you start. Not all motorcycle vinyl wraps are created equal and it's important to make the right choice. The first thing to consider is price. The most expensive wraps can be as pricey as getting your motorcycle repainted. The cheapest ones can give you headaches- they may be difficult to apply and will potentially degrade quickly. Choosing a vinyl wrap that is of good quality, yet moderately priced is a great option.  

Here are a few examples of popular styles from UTZStore.com -





So instead of just longing for long sunny days of riding, consider spending some time dreaming up a new look for your bike. And come Spring, Get Out and Ride!

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